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Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

Yesterday my laptop died. It’s my work (and – I – have – it – so – I – might – as – well – use – it – for – everything) laptop, so I wasn’t responsible for fixing it but that means I also had little say in the resolution of things. I’m now on my second shell of the day and this one seems to be working ok. The first one had issues with USB so it got swapped out and this current one has a noisy fan, but I’ll take that over not being able to use my keyboard and mouse. I was really worried that I’d lose a ton of data since everything for the wedding is on my laptop, but most of my hard drive was ok and I think they got everything copied over. The only things that are missing right now are my Palm databases. I’m remaining optimistic, but if I lose those I will probably cry.
It will take weeks to get everything back to how I want it. So annoying.

laptops and sunglasses

Saturday, April 15th, 2006

Laptops and sunshine don’t mix well. I can barely see the screen but it’s so unbelievably gorgeous outside that I can’t just sit inside.

I’m spending the afternoon at Kava House and they have very comfy plastic adirondack-style chairs on their “patio”. Excellent for watching doggies, people taking their fun cars out and girls in impractical footware. Lots of motorcycles too. There’s a guy with what I think is a Gold Wing who keeps making loops around the block with his radio blasting.

Just heard: “I think you’re a chronological liar”

I love Passover and Passover food, but man I wish I could go over to Yesterdog and get a veggie dog. Instead I have popovers and cappuccino.

I Tried It (so you don’t have to)

Monday, April 10th, 2006

The latest from the I Tried It (so you don’t have to) files: Coca-Cola Blak.
Why did I try it? I saw it in the cafeteria here at work and several things made it catch my eye:
1. diminuitive 8 oz bottle – glass bottle
2. only 45 calories, which while more than diet is much less than a can of regular Coke
3. glass bottle!
I’d been curious about it for several weeks, ever since I read a blurb about it on slashfood, so I jumped on the opportunity. Coke Blak is a “carbonated fusion beverage” and is supposed to taste like a mix of regular Coke and iced coffee. Upon opening the bottle, I was met with the distinct aroma of International Foods coffee (think “that waiter.. Jean-Luc!”) and 10 minutes later that’s pretty much what’s on my tongue – faky vanilla cappuccino. Going down, it’s a tasty beverage with good mouth feel. It’s definitely a soda but less carbonated than standard Coke varieties.
The verdict? Eh. It’s not awful, but I can’t imagine anyone buying it more than once.