I Tried It (so you don’t have to)

The latest from the I Tried It (so you don’t have to) files: Coca-Cola Blak.
Why did I try it? I saw it in the cafeteria here at work and several things made it catch my eye:
1. diminuitive 8 oz bottle – glass bottle
2. only 45 calories, which while more than diet is much less than a can of regular Coke
3. glass bottle!
I’d been curious about it for several weeks, ever since I read a blurb about it on slashfood, so I jumped on the opportunity. Coke Blak is a “carbonated fusion beverage” and is supposed to taste like a mix of regular Coke and iced coffee. Upon opening the bottle, I was met with the distinct aroma of International Foods coffee (think “that waiter.. Jean-Luc!”) and 10 minutes later that’s pretty much what’s on my tongue – faky vanilla cappuccino. Going down, it’s a tasty beverage with good mouth feel. It’s definitely a soda but less carbonated than standard Coke varieties.
The verdict? Eh. It’s not awful, but I can’t imagine anyone buying it more than once.

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