Yesterday my laptop died. It’s my work (and – I – have – it – so – I – might – as – well – use – it – for – everything) laptop, so I wasn’t responsible for fixing it but that means I also had little say in the resolution of things. I’m now on my second shell of the day and this one seems to be working ok. The first one had issues with USB so it got swapped out and this current one has a noisy fan, but I’ll take that over not being able to use my keyboard and mouse. I was really worried that I’d lose a ton of data since everything for the wedding is on my laptop, but most of my hard drive was ok and I think they got everything copied over. The only things that are missing right now are my Palm databases. I’m remaining optimistic, but if I lose those I will probably cry.
It will take weeks to get everything back to how I want it. So annoying.

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