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Seder 1

Saturday, April 23rd, 2005

Hello, hello. The time in Brussels is 3:45am and we just got back from the seder! This is definitely the latest-running seder I’ve ever attended. We didn’t get started until 10:30p (well after Shabbat, afaik) and had many prayers and discussions before we reached the eating part around 12:40 am. The food was delicious: cold poached salmon, gefilte fish, haroset, beet salad, brisket, roast chicken and so much more. After appetizer, soup, meal, dessert and a couple of rounds of Taki (an Israeli card game), we regrouped at the table to finish off the rest of the seder.

It looks like Jeremie has fallen asleep but I am quite awake. Oh well.

Thought for the evening/morning: if nobody talks about politics, do politics exist? Discuss.

Greetings from Belgium (again)

Saturday, April 23rd, 2005

Hello all!

We’re back in Brussels to spend the first few days of Passover with Jeremie’s family. We got in yesterday morning and spent pretty much the whole day at Jeremie’s grandma’s house hanging out and trying not to fall asleep. Elias taught us all how to play Set and I really liked it. I should get a deck for myself. We also went to the Cora and I got a canister for Senseo pods and a new type of Senseo pods – Sumatra blend. Looking forward to trying it when I get back.

Last night I slept for 12 hours. It was awesome. Now we’re waiting for everyone to shower so we can head out. Happy Passover to all who such greetings apply to!

Big News!

Wednesday, April 13th, 2005

I have made an effort to contact friends & family already, so I feel it’s ok to post this now:

I’m engaged!

Jeremie proposed to me Saturday evening during dinner at the Homestead Inn (and since the question has come up several times, it was after the main course but before dessert). The food was wonderful and the gardens are lovely. All in all, it was a very romantic and sweet evening. I’m a very happy girl.


Friday, April 8th, 2005

April’s here and the weather has picked up quite nicely. I’ve spent most of my daylight free time outside and the rest reading and knitting, so that’s left me with little time to update. I’d promise to change that, but eh.

Last weekend Jeremie and I saw Off the Map at the Avon Theater in Stamford. You can find reviews online so I won’t summarize the story, but I thought the story was very interesting and the visuals quite stunning. I think it falls firmly in the film category rather than the movie category. After the film ended, Campbell Scott (director) and Andy Keir (film editor) answered questions for about an hour. Very educational.

This week has had its ups and downs, including some interesting movement at work (I have a new manager and I am now a manager as well). I’m very much looking forward to some relaxation this weekend.