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Product review: Trader Joe’s Greek Style Nonfat Yogurt, Honey flavor

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

5.3 oz container.

In a word, yuck.

I like TJ’s plain Greek Style yogurt but the honey flavored cup is too sweet, too chalky, a little bitter and all around unpleasant. It really tastes twice as sweet as real honey and that’s not a good thing. I’ve gotten through about a third of it and I don’t think I can choke down any more. For 120 calories in the 5.3 oz cup, it’s definitely not worth it. This product would be much better if it was mostly plain yogurt with a drizzle of honey on top.

I hope I’ve helped to save you a dollar.

I Tried It (so you don’t have to)

Monday, April 10th, 2006

The latest from the I Tried It (so you don’t have to) files: Coca-Cola Blak.
Why did I try it? I saw it in the cafeteria here at work and several things made it catch my eye:
1. diminuitive 8 oz bottle – glass bottle
2. only 45 calories, which while more than diet is much less than a can of regular Coke
3. glass bottle!
I’d been curious about it for several weeks, ever since I read a blurb about it on slashfood, so I jumped on the opportunity. Coke Blak is a “carbonated fusion beverage” and is supposed to taste like a mix of regular Coke and iced coffee. Upon opening the bottle, I was met with the distinct aroma of International Foods coffee (think “that waiter.. Jean-Luc!”) and 10 minutes later that’s pretty much what’s on my tongue – faky vanilla cappuccino. Going down, it’s a tasty beverage with good mouth feel. It’s definitely a soda but less carbonated than standard Coke varieties.
The verdict? Eh. It’s not awful, but I can’t imagine anyone buying it more than once.

soft, complex

Friday, January 20th, 2006

We have a friend here at work who’s mom lives in Puerto Rico. She grows and roasts her own coffee and said friend always brings some back to be brewed at the office. This morning is Lucky Morning. I got a big cup’s worth and topped it off with a little regular milk (this blend scoffs at skim)… pure bliss. It’s strong, smoky and a bit bitter on its own but the small amount of milk rounds it out perfectly. So nice.

So it’s been awhile since I posted; inertia is a hard thing to overcome. I’ve been busy these first few weeks of January. I took a trip to Minneapolis to visit the fam, I’ve been doing a lot of wedding stuff in my “spare” time and last weekend we lost power for a day, due to a big storm. There are still people without power so I feel incredibly lucky to have been inconvienienced for such a short time in comparison.

Last weekend, in-between the relaxing part and the storm part we tried a new place in South Norwalk: Chocopologie. Chocopologie is a cafe/bakery/chocolate shop. They have very good hours (M-W 7:30a – 10p, Thurs 7:30a – midnight, Fri 7:30a – 2a, Sat 9:30a – 2a and Sunday 10a – 6p) and fabulous food, desserts, coffee and hot chocolate at reasonable prices. There isn’t a website specific to the restaurant but it’s run by a chocolatier, Fritz Knipschildt and you can find a bit more information about him and his chocolates at Knipschildt Chocolatier. Check it out.