One week to go

The CSA starts in one week. Exciting! The freezer is in decent shape but hopefully we can polish off a bit more before the cookable & freezable veggies start arriving.

I enjoy gardening. Even though the CSA provides more food than we can actually eat (hence the freezer) I grow a nice chunk of veggies & herbs myself. This year is a little more intense than last year. In the good name of ‘crop rotation’ I decided to plant tomatoes in pots this year. Since I was going to plant a couple of pots, the reasoning went something like “well why don’t I just plant a bunch of pots?”
I found a couple of really pretty large terracotta pots with wooden stands at Crate & Barrel when we were up in Cambridge over Memorial weekend. I already had two large plastic terracotta-colored pots, a long green windowbox, and an assortment of smaller pots.

I’m not so great at planning ahead when it comes to my garden. If I was, I would start leafing through the seed catalogs in February and I’d order things well in advance. Instead, I go to a nursery and buy whatever they happen to have once the weather gets nice enough to plant. I cleared a bit of the patch and planted some peas mid-May, before we went to Japan. The rest went in June 1. I went shopping in the morning and planted in the afternoon. Of course, I got a little carried away at the nursery and bought more tomato plants than I was planning on. A couple of them had to go in the garden but I put them in different spots than I usually do. Here’s what we have: 8 tomato plants, 1 eggplant, 4 cucumbers, peas, mint, cilantro, thyme, sage, chives, arugula, dill, eucalyptus, basil, and a few pretty annuals. Some are on the “upstairs” deck in pots and some are in the garden.



I need to take some progress pictures and a few shots of the “downstairs” garden.

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  1. ben Says:

    hey, an earthbox! we really like ours. we’ve got two brandywine tomato plants in it and they’re quickly creeping up the trellis now. can’t wait for yummy tomatoes soonish…

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