rhubarb, i still love you

Out here on the East Coast it’s been way too crazy hot to turn on the oven. I had bought some rhubarb at the farmers market late last week and I wanted to cook it up, thinking I’d be getting more today. More on that later. Last night I made rhubarb sauce. Just rhubarb, some sugar, and a teeny amount of water. Delicious! I enjoy rhubarb sauce over angel food cake, which I had to buy because of said too hotness for the ovenness.

It’s a little cooler today and I could probably justify turning on the oven to bake a pie but the universe does not want me to. The people I bought the rhubarb from last week didn’t have any this week. A different stand had some but it was on the limp side and was $5! For a small bunch! That’s a little spendy for rhubarb, much as I love it. We did have tamales from the Boxcar Cantina stand and they were very good. The best I’ve ever had? Not quite. Best I’ve had outside of New York City from Somewhere That’s Not Out Of Business? Yes.

In case you’re wondering, said market is the Westport Farmers Market. They’re open on Thursdays.

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