Garden Update

beep beep beep … beep beep beep

Everything is growing like gangbusters. Here’s how things started out, a mere 5 weeks ago. This is from yesterday:

patio garden
The “upstairs” patio garden

tomatoes & basil in the Earth Box patio tomato
front yard hydrangea main vegetable patch
cukes on the vine! that would make a big pickle

There are lots of little tomatoes but I think we’re still a couple of weeks away from having any ripe tomatoes to eat. Over and over, I’m amazed at how much water the EarthBox wants every day. The tomato plants and the basil I planted in there are positively giant. The kirby cucumbers are starting to grow very quickly and there’s been a couple ready to eat every day. Yum.

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  1. Alexa Says:

    Your plants and garden look beautiful. My garden is still a work in progress, nothing ready yet. I would love to turn it into an edible forest garden (permaculture). More plans for my green thumbs…

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