rhubarb, i love you

It’s quite late but I’m not at all tired, even though I should be. I’m hanging out in Chicago with Lani for the weekend. We did a lot of walking today. I mapped it out using mapmyrun.com because we were curious and it looks like it was just over 7 miles. This morning we went to Dollop coffee for awhile to chat and relax before going on to the beach. Lani had talked up their pie and one of several flavors they had today was strawberry rhubarb. It was delicious and I definitely want to make some variant of rhubarb pie next week. If you find yourself in Chicago, Dollop is a very nice place to spend some time. And eat pie. I’m nowhere near hungry right now but if I knew there was a piece of that pie in the kitchen, I would go eat it.
Note: the pie is baked by Hoosier Mama Pie Company!

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  1. Craig Siegelin Says:

    Your blog got caught by my google alerts. My wife’s company Hoosier Mama Pie Co. makes the pies for Dollop. Glad you enjoyed the pie! Glad you enjoyed Dollop!

    Keep your fork, There’s PIE!


  2. Courtney Says:

    Pun! I do not like pie, but consider buying some anyway to embrace Hoosier Mama!

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