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Thursday, May 31st, 2007

I’m back from Israel and I must say, we had great flights and a wonderful time seeing and experiencing different parts of the country. The new camera did not disappoint. I have lots of beautiful pictures to share, but as I took almost 800 photos, I need to pare them down a bit before I do so. Once I have the pictures ready, I’ll share more info about the trip.

I’m still recovering from jet lag. It hit me much harder this time than it ever has before and I’ve been going to bed at about 7 for the past couple of nights. Tonight that’s not an option so we’ll see how I do and how late I can stay up and remain coherent.

moving on

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

I’ve been holding off on posting, hoping that I could finish my Paris travelogue, but it doesn’t look likely to happen any time soon. I took so many pretty pictures and if you’re interested, go take a look at them on flickr.

My CSA is having an organizational meeting tonight and I volunteered to bake for the “drinks & dessert” after the meeting. I baked a ton of stuff over the weekend and the past couple of days but I didn’t take any pictures because A) I’m silly, and B) I didn’t want to slow down. Here’s what I made: lemon bars, chocolate mint brownies, cream cheese brownies, peanut butter cookies, molasses spice jumbles, and yellow cake baby bundt cakes. I also baked for the Relay for Life bake sale that we’re having at work tomorrow. For that I made Chocolate-Apricot cake (a dense, fudgy torte) and a yellow cake baked in a Mary Anne pan, which I’ll fill with a raspberry jam & raspberry liqueur mixture. I expect there will be some cookies & things left over from the CSA meeting that I can bring to the bake sale.

I got a new camera today, a Canon 800IS, so expect some new pretty pictures soon. I’m leaving for Israel on Saturday and I will do my best to eat as much falafel as possible and to photograph every one.