moving on

I’ve been holding off on posting, hoping that I could finish my Paris travelogue, but it doesn’t look likely to happen any time soon. I took so many pretty pictures and if you’re interested, go take a look at them on flickr.

My CSA is having an organizational meeting tonight and I volunteered to bake for the “drinks & dessert” after the meeting. I baked a ton of stuff over the weekend and the past couple of days but I didn’t take any pictures because A) I’m silly, and B) I didn’t want to slow down. Here’s what I made: lemon bars, chocolate mint brownies, cream cheese brownies, peanut butter cookies, molasses spice jumbles, and yellow cake baby bundt cakes. I also baked for the Relay for Life bake sale that we’re having at work tomorrow. For that I made Chocolate-Apricot cake (a dense, fudgy torte) and a yellow cake baked in a Mary Anne pan, which I’ll fill with a raspberry jam & raspberry liqueur mixture. I expect there will be some cookies & things left over from the CSA meeting that I can bring to the bake sale.

I got a new camera today, a Canon 800IS, so expect some new pretty pictures soon. I’m leaving for Israel on Saturday and I will do my best to eat as much falafel as possible and to photograph every one.

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