spacious living, gracious living

Greetings from the new office. I was going to put up some pictures but I’ll have to do that later cause I managed to leave a lot of important stuffs at home today. So far I know I’m missing my camera and my Palm. I’m sure I’ll come up with some more things later on.

Office things:
I can’t complain about the commute – 12 minutes here and a bit longer to get home because people are still gawking at the gas station that exploded 10 days ago near exit 37 on the Merritt.
The coffee is surprisingly good. Like, forget about the coffee at FSP good.
I like the new color scheme of the office in general and my cube in particular. But my cube is definitely not as glamourous as my old cube was. At the old office there was definitely a cube hierarchy, cubes one aspired to move up to, and I had made it far. I definitely had one of the best cubes in the place. Now every cube is basically the same so the only place to move up to is into an office and I have no delusions – that isn’t going to happen for me.

Feh. I need to finish performance appraisals. They cause me great agony and they take me forever to complete because I care just too darn much.

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