lost opportunity

Last night there was a spider eating a beetle on the outside-side of the french doors that go out to the patio. It would’ve made the coolest picture but I couldn’t find my camera anywhere. Uh oh.
The last time I had used it was Monday at work to take pictures of my new space. On Tuesday I had looked for it at work and just figured I had left it at home since I couldn’t find it. Last night I looked everywhere at home and when I came up empty, I promptly told Jeremie that it must have been stolen. Jeremie, knowing that I often misplace things for a couple of days, doubted that it had been stolen and offered to come up to my floor and help me look for it. I remained unconvinced. But this morning I looked in one of my drawers and there was the camera. Jeremie-1, my paranoia-0.

So I don’t have an awesome picture of a spider eating a beetle to show you, but I hope this will do:

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