buying time, literally

This past weekend Jeremie and I spent a good couple hours out in the yard doing some weeding and general clean-up. Tired and sweaty, we looked up from our contractor bags full of yard waste and surveyed the land. Not good. We have a beautiful yard but due to a combination of crazy weather and love for other hobbies we had let the yard go, shall we say, a little bit insane. We realized that we had a good week’s worth of work in front of us and that it just wasn’t worth it, so instead we enjoyed the rest of the weekend and I called Andre’s Landscaping Monday morning. Andre stopped by Tuesday morning, I told him what we wanted done, he told me what it would cost and said that his team could take care of it that afternoon.

Fine by me.

When I got home last night it was like pulling up to a completely different house. What a difference some lawn mowing, weeding and having the edge recut in your whole yard can make. Best money we could have spent for our time. Andre and his people are fantastic. They did some work for us in the spring of 03 and I’m very glad that we called them again. Yay for nice yard! It was fun to wake up this morning to a gentle breeze blowing in through the window and to look out onto the back yard and see such a nice space. If only I had woken up early enough to have a coffee or something out there.

Two more days left in my office here in Stamford. Have I started to pack? Of course not!

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