pita pita

It was a rainy 4th of July. We had Jeremie’s sister from Michigan and Jeremie’s cousin from Belgium visiting and everyone was in the mood to relax. In the fridge we had a big tub of hummus but no pita. What is one to do in that situation? Why, make pita of course. Oh. My sources tell me that, apparently, one only comes to that conclusion if one is CRAZY.

No, seriously, it wasn’t that bad. I followed the recipe from Secrets of a Jewish Baker. It uses about 40% whole wheat flour and %60 white flour. I have a new dough rising bucket (super fun) and a new, large rolling mat from King Arthur Flour, and that made the rolling out process much easier. I had been using my regular baking silpat for rolling things out and it just wasn’t big enough.

pita dough in dough rising bucket new dough rising bucket and rolling mat
pita dough in balls pitas, flattened
in the oven split open

baked pitas

Homemade pita is tasty pita! I’d do it again.

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    […] did a bunch of baking and cooking yesterday. I made pita again and they turned out even better this time. I think the oven might have been a little hotter? […]

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