Wheels, Wings, and other great things

Shortly after the winter holidays I was browsing through Williams-Sonoma and I found these great cookie cutters. I picked up a set for my cutie nephew Ethan and a set for myself.
This past weekend we went to Minneapolis to visit the family. I made these cookies with my set, as I wanted to bring finished cookies along with the cookie cutters.

Transportation Cookies! Transportation Cookies!
Transportation Cookies! Transportation Cookies!
Transportation Cookies! Transportation Cookies!

We also brought a new book, The Pout Pout Fish. It’s fun to read and the illustrations are great. Most important, Ethan really likes it!

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  1. Deborah Diesen Says:

    The downside of being a first-time author is the tendency to obsessively Google one’s book title (to see if anyone other than one’s mother is reading it). The upside is, in the process, discovering sites and blogs one wouldn’t have otherwise found. Your mention of my book The Pout-Pout Fish brought me to your site (courtesy of Google), and I’m very glad to have found it. What fabulous loaves you bake! I’m not a baker myself, but my husband makes some spectacular breads, so I’ve developed a taste for them. I’m also glad to read about your CSA experience. My day job is at a nonprofit organization which, amongst other things, sponsors an urban Farmers’ Market. So I’m very glad to have discovered your blog, and I’ll now be a regular reader.

    Those cookies look terrific; and I’m definitely giving the coffee ice cream recipe a try.

    Incidentally, if your nephew might like some signed bookmarks or other Pout-Pout items (I have word puzzles, “cootie catchers,” and other stuff), feel free to be in touch and I’d be glad to send some your way.

    Debbie Diesen, author of The Pout-Pout Fish (Dan Hanna did the delightful art)

  2. sheri Says:

    So cool! Welcome, Deborah!

    A couple of days after we got home, his Mom called me and said that not only had he requested the book for story time every night, but that when he woke up one morning, he told his Dad that he was a Pout Pout Fish with a Pout Pout Face!

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