Jenny Jo, this one’s for you

Last weekend was all about Whole Wheat Sourdough. I intended to make one batch with the long fermenting recipe, substituting whole wheat flour for white flour and adding a bit more water, since whole wheat requires a greater hydration. I started the sponge (a.k.a. stage 1) late at night. I wasn’t wearing my glasses and I wasn’t paying as much attention to the process as I should have. I ended up adding a whole recipe’s worth of flour to the bowl. Whoops. Instead of trying to scoop the right amount of flour out, I scaled everything else up and made two recipes of dough. Which means four loaves. Lots of practice is good, right? I made two loaves of plain whole wheat and two loaves of seeded whole wheat sourdough. One loaf got to spend its final rise in my new brotform and the other three rested on flour sack towels inside of glass bowls. That worked out fine but the brotform makes such a nice design on the bread, I may need to pick another one up. Here’s the goods:

whole wheat sourdough in the brotform whole wheat sourdough - long rise
whole wheat sourdough - long rise, seeded slice of seeded whole wheat sourdough
whole wheat sourdough - long rise, seeded and plain sliced whole wheat sourdough

I’ll have to do this again with the right amount of ingredients for one recipe before I post what the proportions should be for Whole Wheat sourdough.

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    Yay me! You’re awesome!

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