Feed me, Seymore

I fed my whole wheat sourdough starter all night long.

Not really. Before bed I poured out about a half cup of starter and added a cup of flour and a half cup of water back to the mix. By morning it had bubbled up to the top of the jar. I was hoping to start some dough going before I left the house this morning, but I ran out of time so I had to pop the starter in the fridge. I’m going to do some serious whole wheat sourdough experimenting this weekend. I want to tackle the long fermenting recipe with whole wheat flour, try my brand new brotform, and play around with various methods in the oven.

Last night we polished off the last of the seeded sourdough by making panini sandwiches for dinner. My sandwich had Emmentaler and sauerkraut. Mmmn, delicious.

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  1. StraitUp Says:

    This may be the first time I wished that I never left CT. Wow your bread looks good. And plentiful.

  2. sheri Says:


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