two weeks, twice the fun?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been on the go a lot lately. I got back from San Francisco last Wednesday in plenty of time to pick up the share, but I was way too exhausted to do anything other than take pictures and put the vegetables away. Plus, it was Halloween and I needed to hand out candy far more than I needed to cook. Thursday evening I made a delicious pumpkin soup out of the pie pumpkins I’ve had sitting around for a few weeks. It’s definitely a make again soup. For Friday night dinner I made my spinach vegetable kugel but used collards and kale instead of spinach, which worked out quite well. Tonight I’m planning to make a big “everything” vegetable soup to try and use up whatever is left in the fridge before the new stuff comes tomorrow. We still have a lot of fruit too, so I might need to make another batch of pressure cooker pears (they come out like poached pears but it’s super quick to do) and maybe some applesauce too. If only I actually had room in the freezer.

Week 20
Week 20 - Veg

Potatoes-2 pounds
Beets-2 pounds
Turnips with Greens-1
Collards-1 bunch
Parsley-1 bunch
Black Radish-1

Week 20 - Fruit

Mutsu-green apple, multi purpose
Bosc Pears-rusty brown pear, multi purpose
Empire Apples-small, red really crispy-good eating
Jona Gold Apples-large, red and gold tinge-good cooking

Week 21
Week 21 - Veg

Winterbor Kale-1 bunch
Carrots-2 pounds
Green Winter Cabbage-1 head
Red Ace Beets-2 pounds
Carnival Winter Squash-1
Mint-1 bunch
Celariac-2 bulbs
Graffiti Cauliflower-1

Week 21 - Fruit

APPLES: Jona Gold, Fuji, Golden Delicious; Bosc Pears

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