plum cake time

We had a very nice weekend in Minneapolis but we came home to some fruit that needed to be taken care of. Last night I made some baked pears and I have enough left still for another big batch or some pear cake. I wanted to make the pear cake last night since I already had the oven on, but it was after 10 by the time the plum cake was done, so that was a no go. The plums were a little past what I like for eating, which meant they were perfect for plum cake. I had some cake flour that I wanted to use up, so I used that instead of AP flour and the results were totally different. Instead of a dense cake with the plum halves glistening on top, the cake rose above the plum halves.

Plum Cake

It’s pretty, but different. I’ll report back on how it tastes once I’ve tasted it.

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