you say tomato,

I say tomato, tomato, tomato. 6 pounds of tomatoes this week! We’re going to the Minnesota State Fair this weekend and I didn’t think that the tomatoes would be in great shape by the time we got back, so I have two in my carry-on to take to Grandma’s house and 6 or so went in to the oven last night and became roasted tomato confit. I had a little on my eggs this morning. Very tasty. We ate two tomatoes for dinner last night with olive oil, good paisano bread from Zingermans and maldon sea salt. We had one giant yellow tomato and one smaller red tomato from my garden (the variety is escaping me right now). Both were fantastic.

2007 CSA Week 11 - Veg!

Roma Beans-1 pound
Summer Onions-2
Edamame-1 bunch
Slicing Tomatoes-6 pounds
Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes-1 basket
Lipstick Sweet Peppers-4
Basil-1 bunch
Beets-1 bunch

This week, pears are the main event in the fruit department. Luckily they’re pretty hard so I think they’ll still be ok when we get back. I think there will be too many to eat before they go bad, so I’ll probably have to do some pear-based baking.

2007 CSA Week 11 - Fruit!

Red Clapp Pears

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