Off kilter

Due to the July 4 holiday our CSA share was delivered on Thursday, not Wednesday. On one hand that was a good thing, as it gave us more time to eat the veggies from the previous week. On the other hand, we have one fewer day to get through this week’s veggies and as you’ll see, the squash isn’t letting up.

2007 CSA Week 4

Buttercrunch Lettuce-1 head
Romaine Lettuce-1 head
Garden Cress-1 bunch-
Sugar Snow Peas-1 pint basket
Perpetual Spinach-1 bunch
Opal Basil-1 bunch
Summer Squash-12 [Zucchini, Zephyr (green with yellow), Sunburst (yellow pattypan)]
Garlic Scapes-4 each

I’m in a spot of trouble. I still have two zucchini left over from last week. For Friday night dinner I made a dish with whole wheat couscous, red onion, pesto, a Zephyr squash and one of the new zucchinis. For lunch today I had a steamed Zephyr squash. This still leaves me with 11 squash in the fridge. It’s far too hot to bake or cook anything right now but I need to get busy tonight. For dinner I’m planning on making a take off of this: Pasta Salad with Broccoli and Peanuts. Instead of the broccoli I’m going to put in some carrots, zucchini, the perpetual spinach, and the snow peas. I don’t have any peanuts so I’m going to use chunky peanut butter for the dressing, which would be more clever if I had creamy peanut butter as well as chunky, which I don’t. If it cools down enough to run the oven tonight, I’m going to make my Mom’s spinach vegetable kugel, with zucchini instead of spinach. I made that substitution last year and it was quite tasty. If I still have any squash left then I might make a zucchini bread/cake thing.

According to the latest email from the farmers, we’re getting 15 summer squash next week. Oh dear.

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