Lettuce entertain you

Today was the first delivery of CSA veggies for the season. I’m part of the Stamford CSA, which contracts with Stoneledge Farm in South Cairo, NY for delicious organic produce. Our vegetable season is 24 weeks long and our fruit shares run 20 weeks, starting 4 weeks into the season. The share is mostly greens for the first few weeks of the CSA, but that is just fine by me. Here’s what we got today:

2007 CSA Week 1

Rhubarb-1 bunch
Boc Choi-1 bunch
Chinese Cabbage-1 bunch
Great Lakes Lettuce-1 head
Red Sails Lettuce-1 head
Mizuna-1 bunch
Arugula-1 bunch
Chinese Chives-also called Garlic Chives-1 bunch
Sage with Flowers – 1 bunch
*I saw some rhubarb in the swap box so I swapped my sage for the rhubarb

I think we’ll have the Red Sails lettuce as a salad tonight and we’ll dig in to the rest of the greens tomorrow. I’ve already made the rhubarb into a sauce and I’m very excited to have that as my little treat tonight.

2007 CSA Week 1 2007 CSA Week 1 rhubarb in the pot almost rhubarb sauce now it's sauce

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