Paris, day 2 (part 1)

Our second day in Paris greeted us with sunny skies and surprisingly mild temperatures. Our first intended stop for the day was the marche aux fleurs on Ile de la Cite. We took the metro to Cite and decided to walk up towards Notre Dame before stopping to smell the roses. Ha, ha. We each got a crepe on the way; sucre for me and stewed pommes for Mom. I think these were the only crepes we had during the trip, which is sort of sad.

pont notre dame Marche aux fleurs Marche aux fleurs fleurs fleurs

After taking in the beautiful flowers we headed across a little bridge that took us to Ile St. Louis, famed home of Berthillon and some cute shops.

on to Ile St. Louis fromage Cheese shop pretty umbrellas funky cow Berthillon!

I’ve been to Paris a bunch of times and in all seasons, but I’d never been to Berthillon even though I’ve intended to a bunch of times.

sorbets There were so many delicious sounding flavors (I should have written them down or taken a picture. Whoops.) and it took us a few minutes to settle on what we would get. We decided to share and we got one scoop of mandarin and one scoop of red peach. It was an excellent combination, as the mandarin was sort of tart and bitter and the peach was sweet. Both were very true to their fruit flavors. De-lightful.

Once we polished off our sorbet, Mom and I meandered over to the 6th arr. I wanted to hit up Pierre Herme eventually, but I can’t recall if there was anything we wanted to specifically see or do on our way there. Doesn’t really matter, because we saw and did a lot on the way. One thing you’ll find a lot of in Paris is beautiful chocolate shops with beautiful window displays. The first two photos are from Patrick Roger and the second two are from Pierre Marcolini. I still can’t get over the marzipan fish from Patrick Roger.

Marzipan fish! Chocolatier More chocolate Even more chocolate

This was a day of progressive eating. We shared a cheese baguette sandwich around lunch time and we continued to walk while we ate it. Lots of walking makes one hungry for a little something every so often. Luckily we came upon Gerard Mulot at just the right time. After seeing the beautiful tortes behind the window, there was no way I could resist going inside.

Patisserie Patisserie brioche au sucre tower of macarons

They had a few stools in the back of the shop, which was quite a relief to our tired tootsies. We split a brioche au sucre and rested for a few minutes while we decided where to go next. I really enjoyed the brioche au sucre but I think I’m more of a brioche person than Mom is.

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