Back from Paris!

I’ve been back for a week now (sad) and I’ve recovered but I haven’t yet unpacked for the most part. I really need to do laundry. I’ve started to put my trip photos up on flickr, but I’m not nearly done editing and I’ve realized that if I try to write the trip into one post, it’s going to be exhausting for me to write and for you to read. I’ll try to break it up over the next few days.

This weekend was very fun. On Saturday afternoon we worked on our taxes (not fun) but then went out for a nice dinner at The Dressing Room in Westport. I’m one of those people who has a hard time switching orders once they’ve latched on to something good and I’m afraid there’s no exception this time. We’ve dined at The Dressing Room three times and each time I’ve ordered the pan roasted trout, but this time it was accompanied by baby bok choy instead of roasted brussels sprouts. Sunday morning we headed into NYC early to meet Kate and Alex for brunch at Enid’s. I had huevos rancheros for breakfast because who doesn’t love eggs and beans in the morning? After that and about four cups of coffee, we were ready to meet the day. Kate and Alex showed us around Brooklyn for a while, then they headed off to run errands and we made our way back to Manhattan. We lollygag’d around Union Square for a bit. The weather was clear but cold and there was a lot of people out and about. We listened to a fun impromptu show by The Crooners and watched the dogs in the dog run for a good twenty minutes. Then we headed up to Madison Square Park to meet Eric and Tanvi for some Shake Shack action. Eric, Jeremie, and I had been there before but this was Tanvi’s first visit. We waited in line for a little over an hour before we placed our order, which isn’t too bad as Shake Shack lines go. We were all pretty darn cold by the time we got our food but Shake Shack is so tasty it was ok.

That’s all for now. Paris is coming.

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