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I’m having trouble figuring out exactly how to write this because there’s so much to say. That’s my fault for not updating in about six weeks. I’ve been trying not to use the computer too much at home since I’m on it all day at work but I need to make some time for regular updates. I promise I’ll try once I get back from my next trip! I’m off to Paris on Tuesday and I’m very excited. Here’s a few works and lots of pictures.

Since the last update I’ve been to Ann Arbor once (hello, Zingermans) and to Grand Rapids twice (hello Mom & Dad). I celebrated my birthday in Grand Rapids

29th birthday

with the most fantastic cake

strawberry glace from the Grand Plaza hotel

Last weekend was Jeremie’s birthday and we celebrated with a nice dinner at home with

Jeremie's Birthday
seven layer cake. I did not bake it.

Jeremie’s sister, Adena, visited us for the weekend and we had a very relaxing time. On Sunday before Adena headed back to school, we baked hamentaschen.

Hamentaschen Hamentaschen Hamentaschen Hamentaschen
apricot and strawberry. yum!

I used my Auntie Na’s dough recipe and they turned out great. It’s a very sticky dough and the hamentaschen stay together well and are very tender. Just how I like them.

Time to get some sleep. I’ll take lots of pictures in Paris and I’ll have much to tell you in a week!

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