kitchen experiments, part 1

Sea Salt Caramels
A couple of weeks ago I decided that I was going to make tasty little gifts for people this year. As December ticks away, I’m not sure that will happen unless some part of my anatomy gets kicked in to serious gear this weekend. One of the gifts that I thought would be fun is Sea Salt Caramels. I made up a batch last Tuesday while the bread was baking. They took longer to make and required more stirring than I anticipated, but the resulting caramels were delicious and were a hit with my co-workers and my Dad.
Sea Salt CaramelsSea Salt CaramelsSea Salt CaramelsSea Salt Caramels
butter & cream, cooking, cooking, done!

Cutting the caramels up wasn’t too difficult, except for the fact that I can’t make multiple straight lines to save my life. Let’s just say there were a variety of sizes available for sampling. Cutting up the wax paper squares didn’t go that much smoother, but the end result was some pretty little candies.

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