Bread, glorious bread.

Early last week I decided to make the no-knead bread (recipe in the NY Times) that it seems practically the whole internet has made. There’s good reason for that- the bread couldn’t have been that much easier to make and it was absolutely delicious. You do need some specialized equipment, like a cast-iron pot in the 3-6 qt range, and a good non-terry kitchen towel, but that’s about it.
Monday night I combined yeast, salt, King Arthur unbleached all-purpose flour, and water together in a large glass mixing bowl. I let the dough rest and rise for about 22 hours. The recipe only calls for a 12-or-so hour rise, but I can’t leave my job in the middle of the day and the long rise worked out just fine. When I got home from work on Tuesday, I turned the dough out on to the counter, shaped it a bit and let it rise in the kitchen towel for about 2 hours. Then I baked it and voila!

Bread! 05-DEC-2006 Bread! 05-DEC-2006
Bread! 05-DEC-2006 Bread! 05-DEC-2006

I want to make it again this week. The first one was delicious but I think it needs a little more salt and I’d like to try making a loaf with some caraway too.

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