did i mention

that this process hasn’t been bump-free? It’s taken me about 3 hours of messing around with wordpress settings and .htaccess to get comments to work. By work, I mean the ability to click on the comments link and have the form pop up. I haven’t tested if one can actually post a comment because a) posting my own comment even for testing purposes seems not quite right, and b) my faint heart can’t take much more of this today. I’m just going to knock on the composite material that is my desk and hope for the best.

I put up pictures of my most recent trip to San Francisco in the gallery. I was going to put them up yesterday, but the compact flash reader I got from Ben doesn’t seem to work with my shiny new laptop (an IBM T41 – nice, but not winning any beauty contests) so I had to wait until last night to pull them off. Jeremie and I took that trip in June so you can see my fantastic turn around time. That should improve now that all is FANTASTIC.

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