things I will never get used to

Another episode from the I-don’t-live-in-Grand-Rapids-anymore files..

So last night Jeremie and I went to see Bourne Supremacy at the Crown Theater in Greenwich with some friends. First of all, the theater is a pos but we knew that going in. The first five minutes of the film were fine but then the sound got all choppy and computerized-sounding so I went out to complain. A good 5 minutes later someone came in to check out the situation and after about 20 minutes the whole thing was resolved.

Now if this had happened at any theater in GR, most likely there would be customer service people standing outside the doors once the movie was over and they’d be apologizing and giving coupons for free popcorn or even a free movie. At the Crown? Nothing. Of course, I stopped at the ticket window after the show and asked about it and then the woman gave us passes but it blows my mind that I was the only person to do it.

People here routinely park cars on the street that cost more than I make in a couple of years. As we were walking to the theater last night we came across a Maybach and the boys got all excited. It is a very large auto but I didn’t find it overwhelmingly interesting. Apparently it costs well over $200K. How nice!

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