waste not, want chocolate cookies

As I’ve mentioned before, I hate wasting food. I had a substantial amount of chocolate buttercream frosting left over, even though I think I halved the recipe. I’ll have to look at it again to be sure. Not wanting to just eat a big bowl of frosting, I thought I’d try to make some chocolate cookies. Since I didn’t know exactly how much frosting I’d used and how much I had left, this was a total improvisation.

Frosting was: butter, “homemade powdered sugar” (see PSA from previous post), cocoa powder, and a touch of heavy cream.
I added a tablespoon of baking powder, a tablespoon of baking soda, about a half tablespoon of kosher salt, and King Arthur AP flour until it “looked right”. Not terribly scientific, but I’d estimate about 2 cups. I baked the cookies at 350 for 12 minutes and they turned out, well, pretty darn perfect. They didn’t spread and they puffed up nicely. Since our house is a little long on baked goods right now, almost all of the cookies went in to the freezer. Once we’ve eaten through them, I’ll try to make them again and put together an actual recipe.

Three cheers for not wasting butter!

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