What I should have been doing: packing.
What I did instead: made an apple pie and a vegan loaf

If you haven’t seen it before, check out The Magical Loaf Studio, where you can “Design Your Own Adventist-Style Vegan Dinner Loaf!”
Don’t be skeptical! I’ve made a few different loaves and they’ve all been pretty delicious. It’s a great way to use up odds and ends in your pantry, too. Today’s loaf included black beans, carrots, shallot, garlic, wheat germ, cooked oatmeal, soy sauce, tomato paste, mustard, and a variety of spices. The neat thing about throwing the vegan loaf together is that you can taste it before you bake it, unlike meat or egg-based loaves.

Moving on to dessert. I rolled out the crust and put it in the pie dish. So pretty before baking!

Apple Pie

How was that for foreshadowing? Imagine my dismay when I opened the oven after 8 minutes and found that the pie crust had slipped down from the rim in some sections. Goodbye pretty crimps! Oh well. I forged ahead with apples (a mix of Mutsu, Cameo, and Fuji apples from last week’s CSA share) brown sugar, and a crumble topping.

Apple Pie

The pie baked for about an hour at 350. I did not manage to take a picture before some of the pie went missing.

Apple Pie

Was this the prettiest pie ever? No.
Was it a tasty pie? Yes.
Would it have been better if I’d followed an actual recipe? Hmm. Maybe?
Was it good enough for a Thursday night? Yes!

Mom, I promise I’ll pack tomorrow.

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  1. Deborah Diesen Says:

    Apple pie really is the best pie there is!

    My best to you and your family this holiday season,

    Debbie Diesen

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