2008 CSA, Week 1

2008 CSA Week 1

Bok Choi-2 heads
Chinese Cabbage-1 head
Red Sail Lettuce-1 head
Buttercrunch Lettuce-1 head
Rhubarb-1 bunch
Green Mizuna-1 bunch
Red Vein Mizuna-1 bunch
Garlic Scapes-4
Sage with flowers-1 bunch

So far we’ve eaten most of the Red Sail lettuce and I used up the rhubarb making jam! I was going to make garlic scape pesto on Wednesday night but I had so many other projects going (putting vegetables away, making jam, making rhubarb sauce, dying my hair purple…) that I didn’t feel like doing it by the time Jeremie was home for dinner. There will definitely be some garlic scape pesto this weekend, either Saturday night or Sunday.

I’ve been craving rhubarb jam but whenever I see it in a shop it tends to be $20 a jar. I found one stand at the farmers market that sold some strawberry rhubarb jam but they used corn syrup in their recipe, so, no. I made mine with a nice jam sugar from Belgium.

rhubarb jam, in progress

Somehow I neglected to take a picture of the finished jam, before or after jarring. Sad. It’s pretty!

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  1. michelle @ TNS Says:

    my CSA just started too, but your box was better than mine! i got garlic scapes, red lettuce, red spinach, broccoli leaves that i have no idea what do do with, snap peas and fresh oregano. i’m very jealous of your bok choy and rhubarb!

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