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This weekend was the annual farm visit to Stoneledge Farm, the source of our CSA. The program was similar to last year and again we were told to pick whatever we wanted from some of the patches as we were walking through the fields. We came home with winter squashes, poblanos, a couple habaneros, a couple jalapenos, some sweet peppers, green onions, a small handful of cherry tomatoes, and 17 tomatoes. I already had 11 tomatoes on the counter, from my garden and the share this week. This afternoon I picked 9 more tomatoes. This is a lot of tomatoes, in case you didn’t notice.

I woke up on the early side this morning and started planning my attack. Today I made:
Sweet Squash Puree soup

    recipe from Everyday Food, Great Food Fast. Called for Butternut squash but I subbed a different sweet squash. Good. Will make again.

Tomatillo Squash soup

    recipe from Moosewood Favorites. This caught my eye last night because I had a bunch of tomatillos to use up. Very good. Will make again if the stars align all the ingredients in my kitchen.

Tomato Red Pepper soup

    I made this one up. Cut up a bunch of sweet red peppers and a few tomatoes. Put in 4Qt Le Creuset and simmered for awhile. When soft, pureed with food mill. Put everything back in the pot and cooked down a bit. Very good. Will make again.

two batches of slow cooker tomato puree
Indian Spiced Eggplant

    Made this up last year. Very good.

a caramelized green onion eggy tart
Chilies Rellenos Casserole

    From the Whole Foods Market cookbook. I follow the recipe, except for the part about stuffing the poblanos, battering them and frying them before putting them in the casserole. What a pain. I spread a little of the corn mixture in the bottom of the pan, then layer poblano pieces and cheese in two layers, then top with the rest of the corn mixture and bake. Much easier.

    The freezer wasn’t empty by any stretch of the imagination before, but now it’s definitely full. We had some of the green onion tart for dinner, along with a nice green salad. I’ll take some of the casserole for lunch tomorrow & then I’ll freeze the rest. I’m tired, hence the skimpiness of the descriptions. Perhaps some pictures tomorrow.

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