Industrious Sunday

I did a lot of cooking today and my feet are tired! Early this morning I roasted 5 eggplants on the grill for “Grandma’s Chopped Eggplant”. Once the eggplant were nice and charred, I took them off the grill and seperated the smoky flesh from the crispy skins. The hot mash cooled down in the fridge for several hours and then I whirled it in the food processor. Grandma usually does all the cutting by hand but we discovered last weekend that the food processor does almost as well. That made three large vacu-bags for the freezer. Yum.
Next up was “Mom’s Gazpacho”. We love gazpacho and whenever we order it out at restaurants, it’s never quite as good as the recipe we have. I made a big pitcher all with veggies from the CSA.
Today we got the email letting us know what would be in next week’s share. We’re getting 4 more pablano peppers and I haven’t yet used this week’s four, so I started looking for recipes. In my Whole Foods Market cookbook, there was a good sounding recipe for a Chili Rellieno Casserole which just happens to take 8 pablanos. Perfect! I’m planning to make it on Wednesday after we pick up the share. One of the ingredients for the recipe is Adobo sauce, either from a can or from the recipe included in the book. That recipe called for 2 ancho peppers (dried) and I just happened to have 3 left from the second week of the CSA, so of course I used all of them. It’s so nice to use things up. The adobo is incredibly spicy but in a rich and delicious way, though calorie-wise it’s not rich, rather than an I’m-going-to-die spicy way. Super tasty.
I’m getting tired just typing all of this! I made two more dishes tonight: a delicious two cabbage soup (green cabbage, red cabbage, onions, carrots, garden fresh tomatoes, fresh dill & seasonings) and a cabbage salad with the remainder of the red and green cabbages, a few carrots and an onion in an Italian vinegrette. I’ll be taking that for lunch this week. Oh! I almost forgot! I made banana pudding too.
Now, time for sleep!

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