my lunch is cool

(and perhaps cooler than yours)
Today is day 3 of Mr. Bento Lunch. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mr. Bento, it’s an insulated lunch container made by Zojirushi. It holds 4 containers of varying sizes and functionality: a “soup” bowl, a “rice” bowl, a medium-sized bowl and a small bowl. It keeps cold foods very cold and theoretically it keeps hot foods very hot. I haven’t felt like eating a hot meal as of late. It also comes with chopsticks in a little case. Awesome.
The past couple of days I’ve been taking a salad of cold buckwheat noodles with peppers, edamame and a lemon-tahini dressing as my main course. The rest of the items I’ve changed up. I’ve taken cold lentil soup, carrots and hummus, cucumber slices, laughing cow cheese, cottage cheese or frozen mango chunks. It’s pretty fun and it’s nice having a good, tasty lunch every day. And I’m not the only one. Flickr has a group for Mr. Bento devotees and I’ve started posting (though for some reason my pictures aren’t showing up when I’m not signed in). I didn’t take a picture of my lunch on Monday but I did yesterday and today, so if you’re interested in my lunch, you can take a look here. Good times.

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