less than Two Weeks/Mystery Solved

This is my last week in-in the office (working from MI next week) and I’m struggling to get things done or at least tidy before I go. Lots of things competing for brain space right now. I’m very glad I have the Palm to keep me organized-ish.

We had a lawncare guy come over this weekend to give us an estimate on grass-cutting service. He was the most knowledgable fellow I’ve talked to and spent a good deal of time walking around the yard with us, pointing out which plants needed a different type of food, telling us the pros and cons of various mulches and other useful things like “oh – that’s poison sumac”. Which he pulled out after cutting the lawn on Monday. I told him about the poison ivy incident from last summer and how I’d printed out information and pictures on The Internet but still couldn’t figure out what was good and what was bad. I pointed out to him the spot where I was pretty sure I’d gotten the poison ivy and he said “nope, it’s a weed” and pulled that out too. But 10 inches away from that was the woah, “you’ve got poison oak”. So now I know what poison oak looks like. And I’m not going to touch it on purpose.
So of course I was pulling a few weeds on Sunday, even though I told myself I wouldn’t; behind weed number three was a bunch of poison oak. I definitely didn’t touch it directly but I have no way of knowing if there was any transfer via the weed. I was wearing gloves, I washed my hands thoroughly afterwards and even changed my clothes. Hoping for the best here. I can’t remember how long the incubation was from last summer.

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