when you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way

My crazy mileage run and Northwest Gold Elite status paid off today. I booked our honeymoon tickets a couple of months ago and since I was using miles to upgrade, my flight options were limited (there’s only a couple upgrade seats per flight). I’d resigned myself to the fact that our route was a wee bit longer and more convoluted than it needed to be. Today I checked our reservation because it was time to get seat selection for the way home and I noticed that 5 out of 7 of our flights had changed schedules and due to the quick connection times the system wouldn’t let me reconfirm the reservation. Worried, I called the Gold/Platinum reservations hotline and ended up with the nicest reservationist I’ve ever talked to. She was able to rework our reservation to get clearance for the connection times on the way back, and AND AND get us on a direct flight from Minneapolis. Which gets us on a DC-10 instead of a 757-300. Which gets us World Business Class seats. I’m so excited. We still have the 757 on the way back but I can totally handle that. Northwest, today I’m a big fan.

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