snow’s the word

This past weekend we got bopped by a major nor-easter, or if you’re watching the news, OMG IT’S THE BLIZZARD OF 2006. Yes, it was a lot of snow but p.s. the world did not end. Saturday we were in NYC for the day and the snow started to fall around 3p but it didn’t begin to stick until around 7 or so. We made it back to CT in plenty of time and even had a nice dinner before the heavy snowfall began. When we woke up in the morning there was about 8-10 inches of fluff on the ground. The TV told us that we hadn’t seen the worst of it yet and they were right. By the time the snow stopped falling at 4pm, there was another 10-14 inches of snow. Watching it pile up on the deck furniture was pretty darn entertaining. I took a bunch of pictures but I haven’t looked at any of them yet.
Once the snow stopped, I bundled up and went out to shovel. I was the first on the block to go out and the expanse of snow made it very difficult to tell where our sidewalk was. I shoveled the first step and the second step; I was ready to continue on but I couldn’t figure out why my shovel wouldn’t go down the whole way. Then it hit me: there was another step to be shoveled. Once I hit sidewalk level it was hysterically obvious just how much snow we’d gotten. It came up to about three inches above my knee, which measures at about 22 inches. I think that’s the most snow I’ve ever seen out of one snowfall.
It took about an hour and a half for Jeremie and I to shovel the walkway, the sidewalk, the driveway and the sidewalk and walkway of a nice old lady down the block. Stupidly, I wore jeans to shovel and when I came in they were totally solked and my skin was bright red with white patches. Thankfully I didn’t have to amputate.

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