rain will not stop us

The good eats keep on coming! Jeremie and I went into the city last night to see Mike Doughty’s Band at Webster Hall and we went a wee bit early so we could grab some dinner. It was windy, rainy and bitter cold but that didn’t stop us from getting over to Momofuku on 1st ave between 11th & 10th. I’d been wanting to check it out and it did not disappoint.
The hit of the night was the “chicken bun” – not quite like your traditional chinese bun but I liked it better. Instead of being a closed packet with a little meat inside, the outside part was oblong-shaped and was folded over the delectible filling. Ours contained a wonderful plum sauce with thin slices of cucumber and the most tender, yet crispy, chicken meat. The second favorite was the spicy chicken wings, followed by our noodle dishes. It’s not that the noodles weren’t fantastic, but the chicken buns were so out there that they skewed everything else. We’ll definitely be back.
We got to Webster Hall on the early side, which was fine because we were able to find a seat. Our friends were not far behind us and fabulous conversation was had by all. Then came the opener, Orenda Fink. Oh my dear. If you’re looking for music to inflict-bodily-harm-on-yourself to, she’s your gal. We were very ready for her to stop singing not too long after she started.
Thankfully she only did like 6 or 7 songs and then we got Mike Doughty and his band. They played a very good show, lots of fun, a variety of stuff. I could sing along and I could actually *see* for once, which was very very nice in my book.

I am hungry. Breakfast time.

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