my teeth are clean but my mind is a mess

I’m restless. I believe it’s a combination of not getting enough sleep last night and not really leaving the house today. I wanted to leave the house. Yesterday I went on a nice long walk… up Weed Hill, down Newfield a bit to Vine Road and then almost all the way to High Ridge and back.
Today I planned on taking an even longer walk down Newfield. I laced up my shoes and even put on a fleece hat so that I wouldn’t get an earache from the wind.
Not 5 minutes after I left my house, I was chugging up a hill and the next thing I knew there was a pit bull, with no tags, pretty much on my toes. He was in front of me and then he was behind me and I was just trying to figure out where I could walk to get away from this dog, when with no warning he darted out into the street and into the path of a black sedan. There was no way the driver could see the dog in time, much less stop. The dog was hit in his hindquarters and was thrown to the other side of the street. The sound of the impact was sickening. The dog pulled himself up to the sidewalk and wailed for a few seconds and then ran behind a house. I was not the only bystander; I think there were three other people who witnessed this. No one knew who owned the dog. The man driving the car got out to see if the dog was okay and poked around the house a bit but no one was home. After a few minutes, I decided to resume my walk. I made it no more than 50 feet before I was stopped by a woman in a purple car asking if I’d seen a large tan dog. “Is it a pit bull?” I asked. Of course. I told her what happened and asked her why the dog had no tags, to which she had no good answer. I pointed out to her which house the dog was hiding behind and she started driving down the hill. She slowed down in front of the house, then kept driving on. The whole thing was so disconcerting. I walked around the block once to try and convince myself to carry on with my walk but I decided just to go home.

I did a lot of big cooking this weekend. I made vegetarian chili, mushroom barley soup, roasted vegetables and delicious ginger pear muffins. The fridge and freezer are happily full.

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