the curious incident of the bottle in the purse

Or, I Am A Big Idiot Part Two. At the gym this morning I kept my purse with me so that I could have a bottle of water and a bottle of gatorade and not have to juggle two bottles, towel, fleece, etc. All is well. I drink some water, I sip a little gatorade and put the bottle back in my purse before switching machines. Later on, I grab the gatorade bottle for another sip and I notice – hey – shouldn’t there be more in here? Captain Disaster, there is half a bottle of gatorade in the bottom of my bag!

I dumped out the gatorade at the gym and put the bag in the washing machine before I left for work. Hopefully it will be ok. Thank goodness I’d left my cellphone at home. Palm pilot is a little… sticky. Hopefully it will actually work. I took everything out of my wallet and most of the paper cards are soaked but I think they’ll dry. I fear that my wallet is not salvageable, which means I’d better find a new one fast since I’m leaving for Ann Arbor on Sunday.

Will I ever learn?

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