you could call it morning

Hello, hello. The current time is 3:32a, EDT. My alarm went off 15 minutes ago and I’m rearin’ to go after, basically, no sleep. We’re leaving in about an hour for the airport to catch a 5:50 flight to Nashville, via Cinci. I’ve never been to either of those airports so that’s a bit of excitement for me. Actually, I’m very excited for this trip. We’re going for a friend’s wedding but we have plenty of time for solo sightseeing. This is the first trip we’ve taken in practically forever where we aren’t staying with or going for the express purpose of seeing friends or family. Lots of nice alone time to look forward to here. (Note: not that I don’t love seeing the fam & the friends, this is just a nice change of pace.)
I’d better hit the showers. Got to look pretty for the first time I see biscuits and sweet tea in oh-so-long.

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