Sunday morning I was planning on doing the 10k AIDS walk in NYC but I burned my shoulder and ended up missing the train because of it. Complicated. Jeremie looked online to find burn remedies for me and the two main suggestions we found were: honey and mustard. I have a small jar of honey and a big tub of mustard from Costco so I went with mustard. I have to say it mostly worked; it cooled down the burn fairly quickly and as of yet, there’s no blistering. I cut a pretty pathetic figure with mustard all over my shoulder.

Today I woke up tired and spent most of the day feeling tired. I’m still tired and my stomach hurts as well so I don’t have anything good to say. Sad times.

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  1. Ben Says:

    Did you try honey mustard? Two birds! One stone!

  2. sheri Says:

    holy moly, that is so brilliant. darn!

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