blending in

Someone needs to remind me why I don’t live in a college town because I’ve forgotten the reason. I don’t think there ever was a reason.


I’m coming to you live from the Madison, WI Espresso Royale Caffe, coffee in my hand and Cocteau Twins on the stereo. I’m in town again for another round of Info Session & Interviews. I expect it to be interesting as usual. As it looks like I’m on my own for dinner tonight, I’m thinking of trying an Ethiopian place or an Afghan place near where I’m staying. I’ll report back if it’s remarkable. The Northwest Airline Angels were smiling on me today. I was supposed to have a 3 hour layover in Minneapolis but my flight from NY got in a little bit early and I noticed that the gate next to mine had a flight going to Madison 5 minutes later. Thanks to the flight being drastically undersold and me not having checked my luggage, I got on no problem. Much as I love the MSP airport, it’s much more pleasant to sit here than there.

I have coat envy. There is a girl wearing a very cute houndstooth coat with two pink ribbons around the midsection and pink ribbons where the buttons go. She needs a cute scarf to go with it because the one she is wearing just isn’t right.

It does my 27 year old spirit good to feel a little studenty again. I miss this. Sitting in a coffeehouse, listening to arguments and discussions, doing my own thing at the same time. I half expect my friends to walk through the door.

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