Sheri Jo and Too Much Rockstar

Should I start at the beginning or start from the end and work my way backwards? I guess I’ll start at the beginning.

Friday night we went out after work and stayed out later than we should have, considering we had plans to take a 6:30 am train into NYC. The evening was fun but not worth detailing, other than that a great line came up during a fight between one speaker of American English and a speaker of English English. The line? “Stick your capital ‘e’ up your capital ‘a’ .” Ha.

Saturday morning we got up at 5:30, showered and dressed and made it to the 6:30 am train to NYC. We arrived in Central Park around 10 to 8 which gave us plenty of time to see The Gates before the fabric portion was unfurled. We viewed, explored and shot many a photo for a couple of hours. I even took a little movie with my digital camera of a gate being ‘opened’. The quality is not spectacular but you get the picture. Thoroughly frozen, we headed to breakfast at Zabar’s where we met up with Alex and Kate. Refuled by bagels and nova, we headed back into the park for another couple of hours. Did you know there’s a castle in Central Park? It was a marvelous place for observing the whole scope of the exhibition.

Cold again, we headed to the Shops at Columbus Circle to warm back up and seek a little bit of rest. Wandering into Williams Sonoma, we saw a demonstration occuring in the back of the store by none other than Michael Moorhouse of Blue Hill Stone Barns. This proved interesting and fortuitious as we had reservations for dinner there the following evening. He prepared a walnut cake with fig ice cream and poached pears that is currently on the BHSB dessert menu and shared the recipe for the walnut cake. I really enjoyed the walnut cake and it was incredibly simple to make, so I can definitely see myself making it. The fig ice cream I didn’t like as much. Before I knew it was fig, I thought it might be a maple walnut ice cream. I think it was a texture thing. The poached pears were an entirely different story; they were fantastic. Everything poached pears should be. I know that making poached pears isn’t difficult but it always seems like one of those scary, tricky things for some reason and that keeps me from trying to do it. It’s silly and I know I should get over it.

We parted ways with Kate and Alex, had a bit of a late lunch and wandered the shops for a bit, finally seeking refuge for our weary feet at Borders. Late in the afternoon we headed 20 blocks uptown to meet up with Trevor and Tony. We all planned to go to Chinatown for dinner (NGB) and for some reason they wanted to drive. Now, if you’ve ever been to Chinatown you know how pointless and let’s say, stupid, this endeavor is. We drove around looking for street parking for well over half and hour before giving up and parking in a garage. Holding my tongue was a difficult task that I did manage to keep under control. Dinner was fantastic as usual and we feasted upon soup dumplings, scallion pancake, and Shanghai kow-fu as well as other delights. Afterwards we kicked around Chinatown for a little bit and then headed north to a pool hall somewhere in the 20s. At this point it’s around 9pm and J & I have been in the city for over 12 hours already. We are tired. Yet something possesses us to stay and hang out. I still haven’t figured out what that is/was yet. The long and the short of it is (cause the rest isn’t that interesting) is that I got balls in the pockets for 2 of my 4 shots and we got home around 2a. So very, very tired.

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