We ended up with around a foot of snow from the storm so today we went snowshoeing! Jeremie, Eric, Beckett and I went to Devil’s Den. The roads were surprisingly clear and very few people were out so it was very pleasant. I didn’t bring my camera but Eric and Beckett brought theirs so hopefull I’ll be able to link you in some pictures soon. I found the whole snowshoeing experience very enjoyable.

I’m mostly packed for my trip to Madison tomorrow. Northwest had cancelled all of their LGA->DTW flights today up until 6p so I expect that it will be a bit of a zoo there tomorrow. I’m trying to fit everything into a small backpack so that I don’t have to worry about space or checking. Hopefully I can do it.

The wind is pretty crazy. I think I hear it knocking around the trash cans in the back yard.

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