If I squint real hard I can pretend that this sugar-free hot chocolate that I’m drinking is the real deal. Sort of.

Last night we got about an inch of super fluffy fake-o Xmas-movie-style snow. It’s actually sticking around today thanks to the arctic winds blowing through. Supposedly it’s going to be 10 below tonight, which is rare around here. I’d better make sure that the heat is on in the basement. I’ll be exercising from home tonight if it’s that cold.

Speaking of exercising, I’m taking it up to a new level of science. Last week I tried spinning with Jeremie’s heart rate monitor and since I could monitor myself and stop before I got sick, it was a much more pleasant experience. I discovered, to my surprise, that it’s really easy to go way above my target heart rate while spinning. So, I ordered the Polar m32 monitor and it arrived today. It looks pretty cool and it came with a free bike mount for the monitor watch. I am very excited to try it.

Even more exciting .. my iPod Shuffle has left Ontario, CA and is now in Memphis. Scheduled delivery is Monday evening (after I’ve left for Madison) but I have hope that it will be here tomorrow. Puh-leez FedEx, I beg you.

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