winter activities

Tuesday afternoon I ordered snowshoes from REI! We don’t have any snow on the ground here yet, but I figure it’s only a matter of time. I’m somewhat conflicted on the matter because I hate shoveling snow and driving in snow but I am looking forward to snowshoeing. There are lots of good places around here to do it. We have a nice public golf course a few blocks from the house and then there are several nature preserves in the area as well as various estate/museum type places in Westchester County. Should be a good time.

It’s kind of a wierd time at work right now. We only have 1 day left to make changes to our system until the first week of January. I have a big section of code to check in before tomorrow morning but I am waiting on someone else to complete his portion of things so that we can join our stuff together and test it. If he doesn’t get it done soon we won’t be able to check this stuff in and then there will be wrath. Not from me (because truly, I think this stuff should undergo a lot more testing) but the Product Developer and sales people will be Angry. Capital A type angry.


I’ve been using Mozilla Thunderbird to keep track of all my non-work/non-pine email, RSS feeds and work newsgroups. I really like it. Instead of never checking my various webmails I have everything centralized. I think it had been two months since I last checked my email and my inbox was totally full. Of course it was all poker this and viagra that. Die, spammers. DELETED.

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