Wisconsin is delightful

Any friend of cheese is a friend of mine. This week I got to spend a few days in Madison interviewing students at Univ of Wisconsin for software engineering jobs at TheCompanyIWorkFor. I structured my interviews very differently than the ones I conducted last week at Michigan and it was a lot easier on me. It gave me a lot more time and thought energy to listen and evaluate the candidates above and beyond the questions I had them work through.
Then there’s the fun stuff. Madison is a really great town to hang out in. We ate some good food, I got to take my cousins out to dinner and I even got to see Kerstin, my roommate from freshman year at Michigan. It’s nice having friends about while you’re away from home. I bought Wisconsin shirts for me and Jeremie. It feels fairly sacreligious, being a Michigan grad and all, but I just love Bucky the Badger. Oy, he’s a cutie.

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